22.11.16 - 20.12.16

Belgian artist Saskia Pintelon’s solo exhibition at SFG consists of works from two series, small mixed media-collages and large mixed-media collages.


The smaller works are part of an ongoing project whereby the artist revisits her own work in the published, printed leporello ‘The Book of Faces’ whereby Pintelon customizes her own ‘Faces’ and turns them into ‘Other Faces’ Pintelon’s idiosyncratic obsession to alter, destroy, subvert her own work in printed version with collages and mixed media and thereby give birth to thousands of new images has led her down a path untraveled by any other in the history of art.


As the artist has appropriated, cut, pasted and remixed images, she has recycled and repurposed her own work and the found photographic images with a never-ending capacity to surprise. She has created unlikely imagery patchworks, amalgams of diverse sources and thought processes. This kaleidoscope of images depicts faces in the realm between beautiful and grotesque and these fractured misconstruals are strangely enough credible. They seem to offer us a glimpse into not only the possibilities of the physical attributes of man’s face but more so into the machinations of the mind. They become portraits, individuals staring back at us defiantly imbued with all the joys and sorrows of life. They talk of how we see ourselves, of how we accept or reject our physical appearance. The images talk of a search for identity with occasional words by Pintelon - ‘Who am I’, ‘I like myself’, ‘Traveling through oneself’.


Pintelon provides us a kaleidoscope of the physical and the emotional in her characteristic tongue-in-cheek approach as she subtracts, extracts and adds to give us a glimpse into what makes us really human.


Isolde Pringiers 









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