23.07.16 - 20.08.16

In 1983, thirty three years ago, an organized mob led pogrom to humiliate minority Tamils living in Colombo and the south of Sri Lanka in revenge for the killing of 13 soldiers in Jaffna by the LTTE led to this moment in time in our history being referred to as Black July. My annual exhibition in commemoration of the un-commemorative moment and events thereafter that accelerated the ethnic conflict to ethnic war. After twenty-seven years of blood baths, massacres, bombings, suicide killings, disappearances, abductions, torture, explosions, malpractice, abuse of power, etc. the war ended in May 2009. In my opinion, neither the root causes of the ethnic problem nor the consequences of this protracted war have been addressed adequately. Many commissions have since been set up and their reports are available to the public. Anti-minority mind sets, Sinhala chauvinism and religious extremism is now nurtured by corrupt, political opportunists of the previous totalitarian regime who still believe this is a route to wrest back power into their hands. For this purpose they fabricate mythologies, falsify stories of heroism, they blame the West, invent conspiracy theories and are constantly looking for scapegoats. Most of all they are not willing to work together for a secure future for this country. Glitch, the title of this years exhibition, presents a series of work that describes the current political context and situation.

Chandraguptha Thenuwara
July 2016

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