An exhibition of art work inspired by contemporary poetry and writings

Drawings by Anoma Wijewardena,
Paintings by Saskia Pintelon,
Etchings & drawings by Tilak Samarawickrema,
Watercolours by Kingsley Gunatillake,
Painting by Chandraguptha Thenuwara,
Painting by Jagath Ravindra,
Sculpture by Prageeth Manohansa

curated by Saskia Fernando

Jagath Ravindra is an artist of few words. He paints what cannot be expressed in writing, his canvas his page and his ever â�� evolving series of the rising human spirit is the story that he continues to tell.      
Tilak Samarawickrema was the first artist to transform the beautiful Sinhalese alphabet. His drawings and etchings mould these letters into figurative drawings featuring the erotic as well as the temple scenes and 'perahera' drawings.      
Anoma Wijewardene paints after reading and while listening to opera. Her works are the mirror to her soul. Spiritual and emotional pieces with which her ears and eyes inspire her to paint from within.      
Kingsley Gunatillake is a master in two-dimensional media. In this series the artist presents one of his favourite subjects, the female nude and uses cutouts from the local newspaper to contrast feminity and feminism      
Chandraguptha Thenuwara campaigns for freedom of speech. An artist whose work is purely motivated by the effects of propaganda, politics and the media on the people of Sri Lanka.      
Prageeth Manohansa is Sri Lanka's foremost young contempory sculptor. His medium is scrap metal and in this series the artist plays with the theme 'script and presents his interpretations.      
Saskia Pintelon has lived in Sri Lanka since 1982. For Saskia painting is her drug. The writing on her work is always complimentary to her composition in that it accentuates, underlines and emphasises he character, her emotions, her message, and her humour

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