Mia Bastrup and Layla are two artists who have very much in common and are entirely different in the same instance. They are two extremely confident mothers who secretly work at their art behind closed doors. Both artists have been involved in teaching art for many years and their techniques and styles are developed, distinct and original

Mia Bastrup moved to Sri Lanka from Denmark in 2008 and lives with her family in Kandy. Moving to Sri Lanka she found she had to reinvent her medium and technique entirely as with the humidity making collages was not the same as in Denmark. Mia followed courses in art and worked with several mediums until she settled with collage. "For me it's all about the aesthetics of recycling, letting the reused and materials express something more and new. Let the loose structure and tight composition be shown in three dimensions," Mia affirms.

Layla, like Mia, works from home and displays her work to friends in her garage. Her old art teacher convinced her to buy her kiln and this is when Layla ventured into working with enamel. "The hot kiln can be your best friend or worst enemy. It is a very unpredictable process. I love to manipulate the element of surprise that's ever present in enameling to my advantage to fit my mental image of how I want my pieces to evolve," states Layla. Layla is Sri Lankan and has worked as an Art teacher and was once Vice Principal at the Cora Abraham Art School for children.

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